10 All-Natural Air Fresheners for Your Home!

10 Air Fresheners Part of living greener and detoxing your life includes replacing your synthetic “air-fresheners” with all-natural, non-toxic versions. Even if you’re not in to living a “modern hippie lifestyle,” synthetic fragrances should always be avoided! They contain formaldehyde (a known carcinogen), naphthalene (a suspected carcinogen), toluene (known to cause liver and kidney damage) and xylene (a neurotoxin). Synthetic fragrances include scented candles, spray-air fresheners, plug-ins, car-fresheners, and anything else that may have an artificial fragrance. According to David Suzuki’s Queen of Green, what’s more disturbing is how synthetic air freshener’s work.
“Many mask an undesirable scent, but some use a nerve-deadening chemical that interferes with our sense of smell. Others coat your nasal passage with an oily film. Many air fresheners can trigger asthma attacks and affect our central nervous system.”
The good news is, that there are many non-toxic and cost effective alternatives to commercial “air-fresheners,” and by using pure essential oils, you can achieve many incredible, all-natural scents. Buy an essential oils sample pack {here}.

10 All-Natural Air-Fresheners!

  1. Use an aromatherapy burner and an un-scented tea-light to burn your favorite essential oils. There are also steam diffusers that don’t use a candle (probably a good idea for those with small children.)
  1. Instead of toxic “air-freshening” plug-ins, buy a plug-in that burns essential oil or naturally scented salts.
  1. Make your own spray-air freshener by adding 30-40 drops of essential oils to a spray/mist bottle with about ½ cup of distilled water. I use a combination of tea tree, orange, cedar wood and lavender! Use it to mist on fabrics, carpet, smelly shoes, etc.
  1. Simmer various fruits, herbs and spices in a pot of water. Add a cinnamon stick and teaspoon of nutmeg to a simmering pot of water for a holiday scent. Simmering citrus peels and rosemary for a refreshing scent.
  1. Certain houseplants are exceptional at purifying and detoxifying the air in your home, such as a snake plant, peace lily, bamboo palm, golden pothos, and aloe vera.
  1. In your car, plug an aromatherapy diffuser, which burns essential oils, in to your cigarette lighter. I just bought one and I love it! My car always smells like lavender :)
  1. To deodorize your carpet, mix baking soda with your favorite essential oils (I use about 1 cup of baking soda with 10 drops sweet orange, and 10 drops cedar wood essential oils.) Let it sit for thirty minutes to an hour, then vacuum it up.
  1. You can also leave a jar containing the above mixture (#7) in any room in your home to absorb funky smells.
  1. Replace scented candles with beeswax candles. Beeswax candles have a lovely, mild honey scent, and are completely non-toxic. Try adding a couple drops of essential oil to beeswax, tea-light candles for an extra burst of fragrance.
  2. Last, but not least, go scent-free and eliminate odors at the source! This is the best bet for those with asthma or breathing problems. Use green cleaning products to disinfect surfaces. Also, adequate ventilation in your home, regularly cleaning out your fridge, taking out the trash, and spot-cleaning pet accidents and spills, can all help to eliminate unpleasant odors so that there’s no need to mask them!