5 Fabulous Essential Oil Blends for Fall

Essential Oil Blends for Fall Fall is a stunning time of year - leaves are changing colour, the air is cool and feels purified, pumpkin spice is back in every form, and I can start burning my favourite fall essential oil blends, which, for whatever reason, only seems appropriate during this time of year. It's interesting how we associate different scents with specific seasons. Fall, in particular, has very specific scents that we associate it with, and the following essential oil blends are no exception! These blends are great for burning in your diffuser or incorporating into your DIYs (think Pumpkin Spice Whipped Body Butter, and Autumn Breeze Candles!) A Quick Comparison: Essential Oil Diffusers Diffusers differ in the way that they put essential oils into the air. In this post, I'm not referring to kind that uses heat to diffuse the oil, for example, inexpensive tea light diffusers like this. I'm referring to ultrasonic diffusers and nebulizers. I don't recommend heating your essential oils as a way to diffuse them because doing so changes the chemical make up of the oil, as well as the scent. And although they're initially a cheaper investment, you burn through much more of the oils, which are expensive, and also run the risk of having an open flame in the house (if you have small kids like I do, then you know this is a hazard). Ultrasonic diffusers, use humidification to dispense the essential oils into the environment, which maintains their therapeutic properties. They also double as a humidifier in small spaces which is great during cold and flu season! Nebulizers use an atomizer to disperse strong concentrations of essential oils into the air, and thus, can be used in much larger spaces.

Five Fabulous Essential Oil Blends for Fall

#1 Pumpkin Spice Blend No scent is more reminiscent of fall then pumpkin spice! It's easy to achieve this scent in your diffuser, too! Guests will think you have a pie in the oven ;) #2 Autumn Breeze Blend Autumn Breeze Blend is an uplifting combination of sweet citrus and earthy essential oils that will leave your home smelling fresh and revitalised! #3 "Antibacterial" Blend This blend of antibacterial essential oils, which are those used in the popular Theives® Blend by Young Living, are said to kill 99.96% of airborne bacteria! After doing a little research of my own, I was unable to find a scientific study that actually proved this to be true, so I'm not going to suggest that it is. That being said, this uplifting combination of essential oils will leave your home smelling amazing and cleaner then it probably is! #4 Fragrant Fall Blend This blend is sweet, earthy, and very grounding- it may be my favourite! It's great in diffusers as well as body products such as lotion, body butter, and roller perfumes. #5 Masculine Musk Blend Combined, cedarwood and clary sage have a very cologne-like scent. For this reason, I make several men's products using this essential oil combo - the two pair perfectly! Of course, this scent is not just for men, and has a sweet earthiness that is perfect for fall! Five Essential Oil Blends for Fall