Cinnamon & Flax Granola

Cinnamon & Flax GranolaWhen our family decided to stop buying processed food, cereal was probably the first thing to go--hubby was pissed. My reason for this madness was the obvious: breakfast cereals are full of sugar, sodium, chemical preservatives, and artificial flavors and are so highly processed that they contain no nutritional value until synthetic vitamins are added back in. There are many misconceptions when it comes to breakfast cereals, and I won’t go into detail about them because I think that this article, Why Breakfast Cereal Should Not be in Your Bowl, by Holistic Squid (a blog which I love), explains some popular myths about it. In sum, cereal is not part of a balanced breakfast. My husband agreed to surrender his Cheerios if I was able to come up with a suitable replacement, and below is the recipe that he's agreed is a much tastier and healthier alternative.