DIY Magnesium Oil Spray For Anxiety, Pain, and Skin

DIY Magnesium Oil Spray For Anxiety, Pain, and Skin

DIY Magnesium Oil Spray For Anxiety, Pain, and Skin

If there’s one mineral we cannot get enough of it has to be magnesium! It’s hard to believe, but even though this wonder mineral is responsible for regulating over 300 enzymes in the body, most people are still deficient in it. You may wonder how you can get magnesium in - while you can take supplements and eat magnesium rich foods, one of the best methods of absorption is actually through the skin. We’re excited to announce that we are soon launching our very own magnesium oil and would love to tell you more about the awesome benefits in this post!

Helps to relieve muscle aches and pains

One of the most well known benefits of magnesium is its ability to relax tense, tight muscles and reduce pain associated with it. Athletes swear by magnesium after a workout, because it helps to replenish magnesium lost through sweat, as well as reduce muscle cramping after an intense sweat fest! Of course you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this awesome perk! Most of us tend to have tight shoulders from everyday activities such as scrolling through instagram, typing on our computer and just regular, good old stress. Apply our magnesium oil to sore spots and feel your pain melt away! DIY Magnesium Oil Spray For Anxiety, Pain, and Skin

Helps to calm anxiety

Anxiety is rampant in today’s society and if you suffer with it yourself our hearts go out to you. There’s a silver lining though, and it comes in the form of magnesium oil! Magnesium is absorbed through the skin, where it enters the bloodstream and helps to soothe internal stress by calming the nervous system, relaxing the muscles and easing feelings of stress and panic. Use it on your pulse points when you’re feeling frazzled and especially before bed to help you get a good night’s rest.

Keeps skin healthy and smooth

Naturally we want you to enjoy its awesome skin benefits too! Magnesium oil is excellent for regulating sebum levels in the skin so you can enjoy clearer, healthier, less breakout-prone skin. Use it morning and night after cleansing. These are just three of our favorite magnesium benefits and we just know you’re going to love it once you try it for yourself! Before you go, make sure you’re part of our weekly newsletter list… we’ll be sending out a subscriber only notification when our topical magnesium oil is on the shelves and ready for you!

How to incorporate magnesium into your life

There are two ways that you can incorporate magnesium into your daily routine: orally and trans-dermally. Our favourite Magnesium supplement is this one, which is a magnesium citrate supplement, and easily absorbed in the body. However, magnesium citrate is irritating on skin and therefore not recommended for topical use. For topical use, we use Magnesium flakes, also referred to as magnesium chloride. Our favourite brand is this brand, by Ancient Minerals which is genuine Zechstein magnesium chloride, sourced 1500 meters under the ocean and 250 Million years in the making,it is the purest magnesium source in the world.

Magnesium Flakes vs. Epsom Salts

Magnesium flakes are made from magnesium chloride, whereas Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate. Although both contain a form of magnesium, magnesium chloride is much better suited for topical application and absorption and doesn't dry out the skin the way Epsom salts do.

One more thing...

The body needs certain nutrients – called cofactors – to absorb magnesium properly. They are:
  • Vitamin B6, found in tuna, spinach, cabbage, bok choy, bell peppers, turnip greens, garlic, cauliflowers, turkey, beef, chicken, salmon, banana, broccoli, brussel sprouts, collard greens, beet greens, kale, carrots, swiss chard, asparagus, and mustard greens (source)
  • Vitamin B1, found in asparagus, sunflower seeds, green peas, flax seeds, brussel sprouts, beet greens, spinach, cabbage, eggplant, mushrooms, sesame seeds, peanuts, and tuna
  • Vitamin D (from the sun)
DIY Magnesium Oil Spray For Anxiety, Pain, and Skin

DIY Magnesium Oil Spray For Anxiety, Pain, and Skin

So we've told you all about the benefits of magnesium and you've decided that you'd like to try it out! Like I mentioned, you can take it orally, or apply it topically via a magnesium spray! Ingredients


  1. Boil the distilled water.
  2. Put the Magnesium Chloride flakes in the glass bowl or measuring cup and pour the boiling water over them.
  3. Stir well until completely dissolved.
  4. Let cool before adding aloe and lavender essential oil (if using).
  5. Transfer to a spray bottle. Can be stored at room temperature for at least six months or in the fridge for up to a year.

How to Use Magnesium Oil

Spray on arms, legs, back and stomach daily - Approx 10-20 sprays per day. It will tingle on the skin the first few times it is used, which is normal. It should fade after a few applications, but you can dilute with more water if it bothers you too much.

Don't want to make it?

No worries, we've got you covered! Our Modern Hippie® Magnesium Oil Spray is available in the Modern Hippie Skin Care Shop! DIY Magnesium Oil Spray For Anxiety, Pain, and Skin