Garlic and Onion Powder

Garlic & Onion PowderMaking your own onion and garlic powder is so much easier than you may think and the results are incredible. What I love about being able to make my own seasonings is that you can hand select your ingredients and know exactly what’s in them (and what’s not). There are no hidden additives, preservatives or MSG; only fresh, organic ingredients which really make a huge difference in the flavour department. I made a mixed garlic and onion powder because I’m always using them together anyways.

You’ll need a dehydrator to make this, or an oven set to its lowest setting (less than 170 degrees.) To make garlic and/or onion powder, the first step is to gather some garlic and onions. To give you an idea, a head of garlic and 2 large onions will make about ¾ cup of seasoning. I just cut as much as my dehydrator would hold.

Cut the onions into thin onion rings, about a quarter inch thick or less. Cut the garlic as thin as you can length wise (these seem to take longer to dehydrate.) If you’re using a dehydrator, which is about 135 degrees on the vegetable setting, it may take all day, or even more, to dehydrate the onions and garlic. I haven’t used the oven but I’d check them much more often, and may only take a couple hours to fully dry out.

Regardless of the method you’re using, check them every couple hours and remove the pieces as they’re done. You’ll know they’re done when they’re brittle and snap when you try to break them – leave them in if they’re leathery. Once they’re all done, transfer them to a coffee grinder or blender—basically whatever you have to pulverise these suckers. Blend until you have a fine powder. Wait a couple minutes for the “dust” to settle before opening the lid. Store in an airtight container or jar.