How to Make Iced Coffee Using Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer

Iced Coffee When it comes to coffee, I'm a bit of a snob - there's only one way I like it, and it's in no way conventional. Yes, coffee with Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer takes a few extra steps, and when I've been up all night feeding the baby, those extra steps in the morning can be annoying, but once that frothy goodness that is coconut oil coffee hits my lips, it all becomes worth it. Last week we came home from a week-long vacation from visiting the in-laws in Manitoba. Knowing that I couldn't go a morning without my coconut oil coffee creamer, our first stop after we got off the plane in Manitoba was the grocery store to pick up coconut oil.... and limes.... for the Coronas ;) Thank goodness our hosts had a Magic Bullet to complete the coffee-concoction! But did you know that Manitoba is freakin' HOT in the summer?! By noon I was dying for a cool, pick-me-up that wasn't necessarily beer. How to Make Iced Coffee My recipe for Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer has quickly become my most popular blog post, and for good reason - it's dairy-free, doesn't spoil, boosts you metabolism and tastes incredible! (Read the comments in THIS post and you'll be convinced!) However, a common question that I receive is how to use this creamer to make iced coffee. It took me a few tries to get it just right - it's not as simple as blending the creamer in a cold coffee, as the coconut oil will just solidify ... which essentially will just leave you with black coffee that has chunks of solidified coconut oil floating around. Not cool, dude (as my 4-year old would say). I'm happy to say that I've now mastered the art of coconut oil iced coffee and get to share this wonderful recipe with you. It was awesome having these iced coffees on-hand during those smokin' hot days on our trip! When the heat has got you sluggish and you're in need of a pick-me-up, I definitely recommend giving this recipe a try! Here's How to Make Iced Coffee Using Coconut Oil Coffee Creamer... Step One: Make your Cinnamon and Vanilla Coconut Oil Creamer. Step Two: Brew your favorite cup or fair-trade coffee. (This is mine!) Step Three: While the coffee is hot, blend with 1-2 tbsp of creamer. (I use my Magic Bullet) Step Four: Let your creamed coffee cool to room temperature. That's why doing step three ahead of time is probably a good idea - make an extra cup in the morning, perhaps, so that your iced coffee is ready to go my the hot afternoon. Step Five: Pour your room temperature coffee over ice, or blend it with ice! Voila - Iced coffee with coconut oil coffee creamer :) How to Make Iced Coffee