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This eczema relief salve is designed to soothe the itching, redness and flaky skin caused by eczema.

This salve uses calendula infused oil, neem, coconut oil, castor oil, and a combination of essential oils that aim to soothe eczema symptoms.

Apply sparingly to affected areas as often as you like. Safe for kids and babies too!

Read more about eczema and find the Recipe HERE! --> 


"I purchased this eczema relief salve about a month ago and hands down this is amazing! I suffered with eczema for a while and I had such a terrible flare up around the time I started college. This salve is by far the best I've used. It does not irritate my skin which is very sensitive and leaves it smooth and moisturized all day. I highly recommend purchasing this product is you're an eczema sufferer like me! :D" - Shray

 "I've been using this on my daughter for 2 days now and it's really helped bring down the inflammation from all the cuts and scratches she's done to herself with her itching from eczema. It's not a miracle cure in that it got rid of her eczema but it has done a lot for her in the 2 days I've used this salve on her skin than the steroid cream the dermatologist prescribed. I think from the results I've seen so far her skin will only continue to improve as I keep using this. Oh and it smells nice too :-)" - Ella D. 


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