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Modern Hippie is an industry leader in the production of consciously created skincare, body products, and home essentials. We put an emphasis on producing high-end products that heal our customers and our planet. You can feel safe knowing your purchase is taking as much care for our environment as it is for you, and those you love. 

All of our products are thoughtfully crafted using sustainably-sourced ingredients including therapeutic-grade essential oils, healing natural clays, and revitalizing minerals, ensuring you’ll always receive high-quality ingredients at an affordable price. For a better you, and a brighter tomorrow.

Our Products

100% Vegan, PETA-certified

No artificial fragrance

Healing natural clays and revitalizing minerals

Do you know what’s in your skincare? Reading ingredient lists can be confusing to say the least. It also doesn’t help that skin care ingredients have to be listed in their Latin form. Let alone figuring out if what you’re using is safe for you and our environment. That’s why, at Modern Hippie, we only use the highest quality, ingredients that are rated between a 0-1 on the Environmental Working Group’s Skindeep® Database and are as good for you as they are for our planet. 

Meet carly

Our founder, Carly Bevan started Modern Hippie after embarking on a journey to a cleaner, greener life. After learning about the lack of transparency in the skin and body care industries, along with the toxic effects of many common ingredients on our bodies and our environment, she knew there had to be a safe and sustainable alternative. 

Starting with her blog in 2012, Modern Hippie Housewife, Carly has always loved sharing her passion of DIY’ing, cooking, and healthy living with her followers. In 2013, she started making safe and sustainable skincare products for her friends and family who either didn’t have the time or the desire to make their own, and the rest is history!

The result of Carly’s passion for ethically-sourced, good-for-you and for the environment products is seen throughout Modern Hippie’s wide range of skincare, body products, and home essentials that promise a better you and a brighter tomorrow.

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