Five Step Face Care

The Redefined Face Care Collection consists of five signature products that were designed to work in harmony to deliver the ideal morning & evening face care routines. 

Follow the steps below for glowing, hydrated and healthy skin. 


Step One, Cleanse


Gently massage CLEANSER into damp skin and rinse thoroughly with cool water. Pat face dry with a towel. Use a pump of Serum to remove excess makeup from around the eyes. 


Step Two, Detox & Exfoliate

Once per week, apply the Exfoliating Clay MASK to clean skin with a foundation brush or fingertips. Allow to completely dry (20-30 minutes) then exfoliate while removing, using gentle pressure and a circular motion. Use a damp wash cloth to remove excess around hairline and eyes.  


Step Three, Tone

Spray TONER on a cotton pad and swipe on skin to remove impurities, or liberally spritz on skin after cleansing. You can also spritz on face throughout the day when in need of a quick pick-me-up.


Step Four, Hydrate

Apply 1-3 pumps of SERUM to fingertips and gently massage into damp face and neck. Run the excess serum through the tips of your hair for a healthy boost.


Step Five, Repair

Dab a small amount of Intensive REPAIR CREAM around eyes, wrinkles, age spots and dry skin until it's absorbed. 


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