Are the products 'Certified' Organic?

Our products are not certified organic, but we use certified organic ingredients whenever we can. There are some ingredients that you can’t find organic, like charcoal, clays and preservatives. Organic ingredients are marked with an asterisk in the ingredient listing of all our products.

Are the products Vegan?

Our goal is to be 100% certified vegan by the end of 2018. We currently use beeswax in Baby Balm, Sore Muscle Salve and Pit Stick.

Do you test on animals?

We never have and never will test on animals - we only test on willing family and friends ;)

When will I receive my order?

Orders are usually shipped on Tuesday and Thursday. Once it leaves the factory, it can take anywhere from 3-10 BUSINESS DAYS (which doesn’t include weekends or holidays), to receive. Use your tracking number emailed to you on the day your order was shipped to track your package.

What charitable organization do you donate 1% of your profits to?

We are donating 1% of our profits, calculated at the end the of the year, to a charitable organization called The Squamish Streamkeepers, who maintain and enhance herring and salmon spawning habitat.

Is the packaging and shipping material recyclable/reusable?

At Modern Hippie® we are passionate about providing you with a product that contains as little plastic as possible, which is why more than 90% of our packaging is plastic-free. Better yet, all of our containers are reusable too, and we encourage you to attempt some DIY’s of your own! Check out our blog for easy DIY’s and our E-Book for our “secret” skin care recipes.

All of our shipping material is mindfully chosen, and aside from the tape, everything is recyclable and compostable. We even upcycle a lot of the packaging material that we receive! If your order contains bubble wrap, know that we are just re-purposing it from an order that we received.

Rest assured, these boxes are 100% recyclable, and, if you break them down and mail them back to us, we will gladly reuse your undamaged boxes (return address is on the box). If you do so, we'll compensate your shipping cost and time with shop credit!

Why is there "so much" packaging?

In order to sell skin care products to the public, Health Canada requires each product’s packaging to contain quite a bit of information, in English AND French. The ingredients, weight, address, contact information and description of what the product is, all must be included. Plus, a description of “how to use” the product, the recycle, PETA, and 'best before' symbols and barcodes. There’s a lot of information which doesn’t legibly fit on all of our product’s labels, especially the Lip Conditioner, Repair Cream and Mask. We had no choice but to box those products, but because we are OCD and need consistency, we needed the other 3 products to be in boxes, too.
Since the bottles are glass, the boxes now create extra padding and protection during shipping and allow us to use less packaging material. ⠀⠀

Because all of the information is now on the boxes, we don’t need to use as large of labels for the bottles themselves. Actually, we don’t need labels at all and we are planning on screen-printing or etching the logo and title directly to the bottle in the near future. This will eliminate the plastic label entirely. ⠀

Are all of the ingredients “natural”?

It is important to know that “organic” and “natural” do not have legal definitions in the cosmetic industry; companies can say that a product is organic when in fact there are no certified organic ingredients in it, or there are only a couple. A lot of products in the beauty aisle also make claims about health: “hypoallergenic”, “natural”, or “doctor-approved” may come to mind. Unfortunately, a lot of these terms are meaningless.

Modern Hippie® uses many ingredients that are certified organic, natural, or naturally derived, and we use some of the safer synthetic ingredients, too.

Are the ingredients nut-free?

Some of our ingredients do contain sweet almond oil which people with severe nut allergies may be sensitive to. These products are our Facial Cleanser, Face Mask and Lip Conditioner.

Where do you source your essential oils?

We source our essential oils from reputable wholesalers and are always conscious about the harvesting and extracting methods used in the production of the oil. We are currently in the process of switching our oils to organic.

Do you use preservatives?

Companies MUST use preservatives in any cosmetic product that contains water to ensure that potentially harmful microbial growth (i.e. bacteria, yeast, or fungus) does not occur. Products with water, like our Pump Lotions, Mask and Hydrating Facial Toner, require a preservative.

We use preservatives in the smallest quantities required to get the job done (.5% - 2%)

What is Modern Hippie®’s ingredient selection process?

We consciously choose ingredients based on their safety and environmental sustainability. We often use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Base Database as a guide, and don’t use ingredients that rank above a 1 on their 0-10 toxicity scale.

Are the products Palm-Oil free?

Due to the devastating environmental impact of palm-oil production, we do not use palm oil in any of our products. We do use Stearic Acid as an emulsifier in our lotion, which is a derivative of palm-oil, because we have yet to find a replacement that gives us the same results, but we are always looking! We also use sustainably sourced Carnauba Wax, a palm wax, as a replacement for beeswax in our Eczema Relief Salve and Lip Conditioner - but, again, we are always looking for more sustainable products!